USS Tarawa LHA-1 Reunion August 2-4, 2016 in Las Vegas

What an incredible journey Mary Lou and I started on in 2009 to form the Tarawa reunions. It certainly has been a labor of love. However, it is time to pass the baton.

We want to say thank you to Sam's Town in Las Vegas. They have been very good to us over the years. As Sean would say, "Sam's Town is home." We agree. Mustering and trading sea stories with shipmates at the tiki-hut was fun. What excitement we had participating in or watching our bowling and Top Gun tournaments over the years. Thank you to those who helped us with the reunions and all who attended the reunions. Finally, I want to thank Mary Lou for allowing me to pursue my dream of having reunions for my ship, Tarawa. Without Mary Lou's willingness and hard work, it would not have happened.

If anyone would like to accept the baton, Mary Lou and I would be more than willing to help in the transition.

Thank you again for making our Tarawa reunions a celebration of our lives on our ship, Tarawa.

May God bless America.

Rick & Mary Lou Holly

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